PORTAL ONE for a dramatised performance of the poems of the Marwnad.        *Then images and inscapes through PORTAL TWO - digital images - in effect paintings - to amplify the words

*plus PORTAL THREE gives you a selection of short e-books - autobiographical but very like short stories - for you to pick and read online or on CD about the author's life, family & philosophy   

* .. All parts can be seen & read on any computer, PC or Mac, and any tablet and hand-held.

First set is free to download …..

Easymenu Motherhood

Through the years, CONCEPT abercraf and its former associated bodies *The Bethany Community


*Mountain Vision

*St Andrew Multimedia Plans, and now

*Windflower Concept Associates

have issued and produced many different creative works for education, the Church and charities.

Many of these are to be made available on this website as resources and updating permit.  Watch our notices for news

TRISCEL- More Detail of all our manifold poetry & digital ePainting productions  and ePublications if you would like to see them wish to go deeper


Concept work & projects

New work from Dafydd ap Ffransis-Meilir,  TRISCEL is

a multimedia trilogy, unified in theme: a work to see, hear and read: all together, interchangeably.  

But the collection of autobiographical short stories available within a master text certainly is not designed to be read as a continuous book. Unless you so wish.

Triscel may even be unique in this big choice of ways of enjoying what is truly one single inter-connected work

Triscel in its essential initial form is a performance poem sequence performed on film and in audio versions, not printed. But it is supported and extended by booklets, images, and finally an entire set of autobiographical e-books, issued here on this website .....


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concentrating on

completing the vast & unique Triscel

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