A user’s way into a complex work  of verbal and graphic imagery.  We hope the notes below will  set the context The Portals USE THESE APPS TO READ & VIEW TRISCEL ON YOUR CHOSEN DEVICE

I would like users to enjoy these unfamiliar multimedia POEMS, IMAGES and E-BOOKS in a form which will be be legible, enjoyable and flexible

Ebooks are a wonderful and cheap new way of publishing. Triscel's ebooks, including the examples here, are set out with a double-page spread. I would like you to be able to enjoy them that way, especially when the illustrations cross pages. I also want you to be able to magnify the text for steady easy reading. In other words, read them by turning pages like a real book.

You probably can view the .pdf e-books with the Adobe Acrobat pdf Reader or whatever you have onboard. BUT ... Double-page spread can most easily be viewed with the latest free Adobe issue. Why not download and install it from them here? http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?platform=windows&product=10

NB set up you options under VIEW to look like this just below ……..      Cheers, Dafydd 


Necessary apps to use with Samples of Triscel Works poems



URL: http://www.conceptabercraf.com/new3/gallery.html

.pdf’s are our  recommended medium  for reading all  our downloadable  and onscreen  readable pages