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Easymenu Motherhood

The twelve cantos are thus grouped into three “songs”

1/ A Knotwork Incantation in the Darkness of Beginnings                                                                   (3 cantos)

2/ On Cold Knap Beach at Nightfall (7 cantos)

3/ Rain (2 cantos)

Until the very end, each song portrays the sun

as hidden by the actions of the “inconstant moon”

Like bards of old, the performer speaks the verses against a background of music and ritual sounds: essentially the most ancient form of song.

To these oldest media, our modern age is able to add other dimensions: moving pictures on video, visual symbols and allusive effects, and a complex soundtrack.

And in the following parts, the creator of the verses looks again at what he has said, examining and interpreting the meaning of Wales and his mother, first by digital renderings of his settings and his reactions to them, and here he uses other new symbols to reinforce the verses.


More about the trilogy

Dafydd ap Ffransis Meilir ‘Programme Note’  - Explanatory Commentary below